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Need an Emergency Plumber in Bedford? At TPA Emergency Repairs, we provide a quick and reliable emergency plumbing & gas boiler repair service, along with Chimney Removals. We cover Bedford, Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes, Luton, Wellingborough, Wollaston, Northampton, and parts of Northamptonshire.

If you notice a leaking stopcock, a burst pipe, a water leak under the kitchen sink, or if your radiator is pouring water, do not hesitate to contact us. We connect you direct with an engineer and aim to be Bedfordshires No 1 emergency plumbing business. We  also offer a next day pre-book service at a lower rate.

Average Response time is 60 to 120 minutes. Over 95% of jobs are completed within the hour.

Emergency Plumber Bedford - TPA Emergency Repairs

Bedford Emergency Plumbers

Do you need an Emergency Plumber in Bedford or Bedfordshire? Then contact us today. We provide a fast emergency plumbing repair service and our out of hour plumber can reach you within 1 to 2 hours. 

Our engineers are fully qualified, are insured, and have all the relevant training and experience one would expect of a maintenance repair engineer. 

We understand that a plumbing and heating problem can happen at any given moment of the day or night. This could be early morning, late evening or on the weekend or when you sit down for dinner! We respond to any plumbing or boiler call outs as soon as the phone rings. Looking for the best plumbers in Bedford? Look no further.

bedford emergency plumbers

Emergency Plumbing Services

Is your toilet leaking? We offer an emergency toilet repair service that deals with leaking toilet pipes, broken toilet flush repairs, toilet cistern repairs.

Boiler repairs

Boiler broken down? Our emergency boiler repair service is here to assist. We provide urgent boiler repairs and out of hours boiler repairs.

If your radiator is leaking or is making a noise, then contact our heating engineer. Let us fix your leak and any central heating repairs that need doing.

Shower Repairs

Have you noticed a water leak in the ceiling? It could be the upstairs shower leaking through the ceiling. Contact us today for your leaky shower repairs.

Pipe Repairs

Our emergency pipe repair service covers burst pipe emergencies, frozen pipes, broken pipes, leaking pipes, gas pipes, hot water pipe repairs, noisy pipes and more.

Emergency Water Leaks

It could be a p trap leaking under the sink, a leaking stop tap, whatever the issue, don’t leave leaks because they cause damage to your home.

Rapid Response Service

We don’t keep you waiting. Over 95% of our calls are answered on the first instance. We also have competitive rates.

Emergency Boiler Repairs Bedford

If you live in Bedford, then you know how cold some winters can get. And now, imagine if your heating stops working, and you have no hot water. Having a gas boiler emergency is not really the ideal situation, is it?

We offer a fast emergency boiler repairs in Bedford. Our services are available to residents and property owners in Bedford, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Northamptonshire, and Wellingborough and the other near areas. We can send out an emergency gas engineer in Bedford who will diagnose the issue and do a full repair.

We understand how urgent a boiler breakdown situation can be. Not having hot water in the cold morning and no heating is not good for health or wellbeing. We have an average response time of 1-2 hours for any emergency gas call outs.

Our gas safe engineer in Bedford will guide you on what you should do at the moment to prevent further damage. Once the gas boiler engineer arrives, they will investigate the situation and discuss the possible solutions. 

If your boiler is making noises, vibrating, banging, leaking, or not producing hot water or heat, don’t ignore it. They can be a symptom of a more serious fault. We can carry out a one off boiler repair or urgent boiler repair if you need it. Our engineer can also carry out boiler installations in Bedford or Bedfordshire along with boiler replacements in Bedford & gas boiler services in Bedford.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Bedford emergency plumbers for?

Emergency gas plumbers are on call plumbers that offer a fast, urgent plumbing repair service. Normal plumbers would book you in days or weeks later for a job, while a local emergency plumber will try to get out to you in the shortest time possible. So, same day plumbers are there if you have an urgent plumbing leak and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

What are common plumbing emergencies?

There are many things that can count as a common plumbing emergency. Some examples include; burst pipes, leaking radiators, broken toilet flush, shower leaking through the ceiling, boiler leaks, no hot water, frozen pipes, just to name a few.

How long does it take for an emergency plumber to come out?

We aim to get an urgent plumber out to you between 30 min to 2 hours. It will depend on how far you are, time of day, and our busy the call out line is. But do not hesitate to call us on 0123 496 4130 if you ever need an emergency plumber in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Wollaston, Wellingborough, St Neots, Sandy, Olney, Rushden, Northampton, Biggleswade or Bedfordshire.

Does a leak count as an emergency?

If the leak is minor, it can probably wait until a normal plumber can come. But minor leaks can still cause damage and get worse, so best to call us on 0123 496 4130 and we can advise.

Is a leaking bathroom ceiling an emergency?

A leaking bathroom ceiling is definitely a plumbing emergency. A shower leaking through the ceiling, a burst pipe in the wall, or a leak from under the bath can all cause serious damage to your home. Turn your water off first, then call in an out of hours plumber such as us, on 0123 496 4130.

How much do Bedford emergency plumbers cost?

The cost of an emergency plumber in Bedford will depend on where you are, the time of day, or if it’s a holiday. We charge £95 call out plus £95 for the first hour as our standard rate (plus any parts, no VAT). This rate is higher during the night and holiday periods (such as Christmas). When you call us, we will give you a fixed price over the phone.

What Our customers think
Top Reasons to Choose us infographic- TPA Emergency Repairs
Top 5 Common Plumbing Emergencies infographic - TPA Emergency Repairs
Top 5 Reasons to Choose us

Plumbing and heating disasters are some of those things we simply can’t control or predict. What matters is what we do after plumbing accidents happen. You can choose to wait for your regular plumber to visit, which may be days or even weeks later, or you can call an emergency local plumber or a plumber near Bedford.

We can get to you within 1-2 hours if you ever find yourself in a plumbing mishap, and your regular plumber isn’t available. Fixing plumbing emergencies as quickly as possible manages the risk you and your property face and minimises further damage.

Here is why you should contact us when you need an emergency plumber in Bedford.


To deliver the highest quality of service, we hire some of the best emergency gas safe engineers and plumbing professionals in order to deliver a professional service to customers each and every time. So, if you need an emergency boiler call out or a plumber call out – we got your back.


When it comes to work quality, we don’t cut corners or make excuses. Our sub contractors are fully trained – have all the required certificates and insurance – and can fix most plumbing problems or boiler breakdowns in under an hour. The gas boiler engineer in Bedford that we use is gas safe registered and you can check his gas card onsite.


Our gas leak engineers and on call plumbers are honest and ethical. Their job is to do the best for your plumbing and heating system issues. We wouldn’t recommend gas boiler repairs you do not need. We can give you the best advice and instructions on what to do while you wait for a plumber to come out.


Our plumbers are known to be reliable, and all calls are responded to quickly. They have decades of hands on experience in interacting with the general public and know what the end consumer appreciates. From same day boiler repairs to after-hours plumbing repairs – if you need someone reliable and who will turn up, then we are the guys to call.


Ever had someone turn up at your property and make a total mess of the repair? We don’t hire handymen or inexperienced engineers. We cherry pick our call out gas engineers and 247 plumbers. They are qualified, educated, licensed and insured.

Top 5 Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing and heating disasters are things no one sees coming. But knowing the most common emergencies and what to do if you find yourself in that situation can go a long way in minimising damage to your property and keeping costs down.

If you find a leak, burst pipe, or your radiator isn’t operating as it should, you can contact us for a local plumber in Bedford or anywhere else you may need us in our coverage area. Our emergency gas plumbers and urgent gas engineers are here to assist, and we pride ourselves in having some of the best plumbers in Bedford.

Burst Pipes:

Burst pipes are more common than you’d expect. Due to weather, changing temperatures, and other aging factors, pipes become weaker and more likely to burst. If not broken by an external force (such as a nail though the pipe), internal water pressure can cause weaker areas on a pipe to split open.

Water Leaks:

Water leaks can come from a large number of different places. They can also happen in the most hard to reach and inaccessible places. It will surprise you the number of leak accidents that stem from putting a nail through a pipe while attempting a DIY experiment. We offer a fast emergency water leak repairs in Bedfordshire.

Toilet Flush:

Toilet flushes are likely to break with repeated usage over time. This can be a huge issue to those in the home, and it’s impossible to live without one when you have no other toilet in the property.

Radiator Leaks:

A leaking radiator can do more than just damage the heating of your system. Leaking water from radiators can cause damage to the floorboards, carpet, and short circuit electrical components. There are many reasons why this could happen. But you would need a plumber to come out and repair the leak.

Shower Leaks:

Shower leaks usually end up leaking through the ceiling and cause extensive damage to the ceiling and floorboards below. To fix this, you should shut off the water to prevent more water from leaking. Then have an emergency plumber in Bedford rectify it as soon as possible.

Bedford Area Information

Bedford is classed as a market town and resides in the County of Bedfordshire. According to 2019 data, it has a population of 173,237. Its phone area dialing code begins with an easy to remember 01234. It’s postcode district comprises of MK40, MK41, MK42, MK43 and MK44. Bedford Borough Council manages the town.

If you want to learn more about Bedford, you can always check the Bedford wiki page or history. If you ever decide to visit the area, you can check out the train schedules before travelling.

Notable attractions: Bedford Park (a large urban park created in the 19th century), Bedford Castle Mound (originally built after 1100, and what now remains is just a mound where it once stood), Russel Park (from the Victorian era), Shuttleworth (an excellent museum that hosts vintage planes).

Is Bedford UK a nice place to live?

It was voted as one of the most greatest places to live by the Sunday Times

What is Bedford famous for?

One of things Bedford is famous for is the historic castle mound

Is Bedford UK expensive to live?

Property prices are high

Nearby and places inside Bedford; Brickhill, Newnham, Goldington, De Parys, Cauldwell, Harpur, Putnoe, Kingsbrook, Harrowden, Elstow, Cardington, Cople, Water End, Willington, Salph End, Renhold, Kempston, Ravensden, Clapham, Bromham, Biddenham, Bridge End, Wootton, Wixams

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