Urgent Gas Repairs

Emergency Gas Engineer Northampton

Do you need an Emergency Gas Engineer in Northampton? At TPA Emergency Repairs, we offer one of the best emergency gas repair services across Northampton. We  also offer a next day pre-book service at lower rate.

Out of Hours Gas Engineer

Average 60 to 90 Minute Response Time

emergency gas engineer northampton

Emergency Gas Safe Engineer Northampton

Do you need an urgent gas engineer for a gas leak or other gas related issues that you spotted in your home? Then look no further than one of the top emergency gas safe engineers serving Northampton. We boast a qualified and experienced boiler engineer in the team who provides quality gas repair services in Northampton for us.

Our contracted boiler engineer has the credentials to work on gas appliances, and is always prepared to come out to deal with any gas boiler emergencies you may have, day or evening. So, if you require a gas engineer that operates on a call out basis across Northampton, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer a quick service in under two hours to ensure the safety of your household and property. 

Gas Boiler Repairs Northampton

When your boiler is not working as expected and fails to heat up your house, then it’s best to call a gas boiler repair service in Northampton. Our contracted gas engineer will do what is needed to get your hot water and heating fixed.

We understand how frustrating it can be to live in a place which has no heating or hot water. For this reason, we always have our top gas safe engineer on call most hours of the day. So call us now to get fast gas boiler repairs, 7 days a week.

Reliable Service

Majority of calls  are answered on the first instance. 

Leaking Boiler Repairs Northampton

Do not allow a faulty boiler to disturb your day to day activities. Our contracted gas engineer is on call across Northampton and nearby areas to deal with any gas boiler faults.

If you have a leak that is either happening for the first time or has been recurring and causing you to spend money on repairs, our contracted gas leak engineer will come out on short notice and get a repair done. He can deal with all types of boilers, apart from oil fired.

Urgent Boiler Repairs Northampton

If gas issues are not dealt with quickly, they can quickly escalate, for example, a gas leak can lead to death. Getting someone out quickly is important, and our system is set up in a way that we can send someone out in under 2 hours within the Northampton area.

Our team consists of an emergency gas boiler engineer who ensures that every job is completed to a high standard.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a call out gas engineer cost?

Our base rate begins from £95 call out plus £95 for the first hour. You will be given a fixed rate over the phone. Next day pre-book service is cheaper

Are your Engineers Qualified?

They have years of experience, insurance, and all the relevant qualifications

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