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TPA Emergency Repairs - Emergency Plumber Northampton

Need an Emergency Plumber in Northampton? We provide all kinds of emergency plumbing repairs in Northampton for common plumbing emergencies like no hot water to leaking stop taps, leaking toilets and pipes, boiler pressure problems, toilet not flushing correctly and other plumbing and heating issues.

We have experienced and professional urgent plumbers on hand who are available for call outs across Northampton. When you need an Emergency Plumber in Northampton or an out of hours plumber, then call us on the below number for a fast response. We have qualified plumbers, who have years of experience in the industry, ready to assist. We also offer a next day pre-book service at a lower rate.

Plumber Call outs

Our response time on average is 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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Northampton Emergency Plumbers

Although we would all like our plumbing and heating system to function without any problems throughout the year, we live in a real-world where we can always encounter real-world plumbing issues from time to time. These can happen due to wear and tear or water pressure issues, or even through accidents, like a nail through a pipe or a child damaging a radiator on the wall.

If you require an emergency plumber in Northampton, or a central heating engineer in Northampton, then get in touch with our on call plumbers. Our plumbing & gas boiler engineers have tonnes of experience in handling various plumbing issues, so you can trust them to get a repair done.

Whether you have a leaking toilet or a burst pipe, we will give you the plumbing backup you require to get up and running again. Our team of experienced plumbing engineers also offer prebooked services, like gas boiler service in Northampton and gas boiler installations in Northampton to name a few. Call us to learn more about how we can help you. 

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Emergency Plumbing Services Northampton

Toilet Repairs

Are you dealing with a leaking toilet in your Northampton home? Call us, and we will help you with the toilet repairs you need. We provide our Northampton plumbing services with a smile. We can sort out toilet flush problems and fix cisterns and much more.

Boiler repairs

Facing problems with the gas boiler in your house? Contact us today and we will get someone out to have a look at the problem. Our emergency boiler repair service will come to the rescue wherever you are in Northampton. A Northampton boiler installation service is also on offer.

Radiator Repairs

Regardless of the type of domestic radiator you have in your home, we can repair any radiator leaks or bleed the rads for you. With our quick radiator repair services, your radiators will perform at full capacity for several years to come once a full repair or replacment is done.

Shower Repairs

Our emergency plumbers are available to handle bathtub and shower leaks. We can deal with everything from sophisticated shower leaks to water seeping through the ceiling or a leak in the kitchen ceiling below the bathroom. Don’t sit around while your home is damaged by water leaks.

Pipe Repairs

Our qualified and trained emergency pipe leak repair plumbers are on call and available for burst pipe emergencies, pipes leaking under the sink, frozen pipes, leaking copper pipe repairs and more. Looking for the best plumber in Northampton? Just call us instead! 

Emergency Water Leaks

If you find a water leak in your home, turn off your water. We can handle everything from leaking water heaters, toilet leaks to dripping faucets., water leaking under the sink. A major water leak can quickly cause damage to your home, so don’t let the issue sit.

Professional Plumbing

Emergency Boiler Repair Northampton

It is well known that winters in Northampton can be pretty cold. Now, imagine what would happen if you had no hot water during this period because your heating stopped working and boiler packed in. It is certainly not ideal to have your gas boiler break down in the middle of a cold winter. Well, it’s definitely not ideal at all.

As a leading gas boiler emergency repair service that operates across Northampton, we offer fast gas boiler repairs that are carried out by our contracted gas safe registered engineer. We offer our services to residents and homeowners in Northampton, Northamptonshire, as well as some neighbouring areas. An emergency heating engineer can be sent out as soon as possible when you need a gas engineer in Northampton or a boiler engineer in Northampton. He is qualified to work on gas and can also be pre-booked in for a complete boiler replacment in Northampton if you want to go down that route.

Our business understands the urgency of a boiler breakdown. Having no hot water on a winters morning and no warm heating is detrimental to one’s health and not ideal for kids or old people. Our response time for emergency gas call outs is usually between 60 to 120 minutes because we know how urgent the problem can become.

To prevent more damage to your property, our gas boiler engineer will provide you with recommendations on the best thing to do while you wait. He will then come out and get things sorted for you.

Do not ignore your boiler if it is making sounds, leaking, vibrating, banging, or doesn’t produce hot water or heat as it should. In some cases, they can indicate that there is a more serious problem going on. If you need an emergency boiler repair in Northampton or a one-off boiler repair, we have got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the purpose of a local emergency plumber?

If the plumbing in your house is leaking, leaving you with water damage or worse, you might need the services of an emergency local plumber in Northampton. They respond to your call out as soon as they can, unlike a normal plumber who books at a later date. So if you need a plumber or gas safe engineer in Nortampton, call us.

What are some common plumbing emergencies?

The most common plumbing emergencies include: burst faucets, leaking toilets, no hot water, leaky radiators, burst pipes, running toilets, and many others.

Can an emergency plumber attend my property really fast?

The time it takes for an emergency plumber to be at your property will depend on how far you are, time of day, traffic and other factors. Our emergency gas plumbers typically arrive within 30 minutes to two hours of your initial call. Other plumbing companies in Northampton may have different response times.

Are water leaks an emergency?

Water pipe leaks can be severe as water can cause structural damage to your home and belongings. It may also causes several health risks like dampness and mold issues. Turn off your water supply before calling in an emergency call out plumber.

Are Northampton emergency plumbers expensive?

The cost of a same day plumber is more than your regular day to day plumber. This is because they respond to call outs as and when they come in. We charge £95 call out plus £95 for the first hour as our base rate. This will vary so best to call us for a fixed price.

Great Ratings From Customers
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Top Five Reasons to Pick Us

Some things, such as plumbing and heating problems, cannot be controlled or predicted. Only one thing that matters after a plumbing accident occurs – what we do next. It is a choice between waiting for your normal plumber to come to your aid, which could be days or weeks or contacting a local emergency plumber in Northampton.

If you ever notice a major leak, or you land in a bad plumbing situation, we can reach you within 60 to 120 minutes. A prompt response to plumbing emergencies minimizes the risks and reduces further damage.

If you’ve got a plumbing emergency, here’s why you should call us


Our emergency gas safe engineers and emergency plumbing pros are some of the most reliable and professional around. This ensures we provide customers with a professional service on every job. Therefore, we are at your disposal if you require an emergency boiler call out or a plumber call out service.


Is there ever a time when someone shows up on your property and makes a total mess of a problem you were trying to solve? Our out of hours engineers are highly skilled and experienced. Our 247 plumbers and call out gas engineers undergo a rigorous recruitment process. As a result, they are qualified, licensed and insured.


We do not make excuses or compromise when it comes to delivering a high-quality service. Our fully trained, certified, and insured contractors can usually solve most plumbing and boiler problems in less than an hour. Additionally, we use gas safe registered boiler engineers, whose cards are available on site for inspection.


We are known for our reliable out of hours plumbers, who respond quickly to all calls. Their hands-on experience engaging with the public has given them a deep understanding of what the end consumer is looking for. In addition, we are available for same day boiler repairs, out of hours boiler repairs and after-hours plumbing repairs.


Our gas leak engineers and on-call plumbers adhere to a high standard of ethics and integrity. They are dependable and will provide the best service for your plumbing and heating system problems. If you do not need gas boiler repairs, we won’t recommend them to you. However, as you await the arrival of a plumber, we can provide you with the best advice for your situation.

Top Five Common Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing or heating disaster is not something that can be anticipated. In most cases, however, knowing what to do during an emergency can significantly reduce water damage to your home.

For leaks, burst pipes, or radiators that don’t work as they should, you can call us for your plumbing problems in Northampton and other areas we cover. Whether a gas leak or an urgent boiler repair, our line of emergency gas plumbers and emergency gas engineers are on hand to help, and we boast some of the most professional and skilled local gas plumbers

Water Leaks: 

There are many places where water leaks can occur, and some of them are more obvious than others. Unfortunately, the most inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas can also become the sites of these accidents. It will shock you to learn how many leak disasters were caused by accidentally drilling through a pipe during a DIY hobby work out gone wrong.

Radiator leaks:

The damage caused by a leaking radiator goes beyond the heating system itself. If you have radiators that leak water, there can be severe consequences, including damage to your home’s carpets, floorboards, and electrical wiring. There are several reasons why this damage could happen. However, you would need an emergency central heating engineer to repair the leak. We can do central heating pipe repairs, gas central heating repairs and more.

Burst Pipes:

The chances that you will experience a burst pipe are higher than you might expect. As pipes age, they can become fragile and prone to bursting due to weather changes, changing temperatures, etc. A more vulnerable area of a pipe, if it is not broken or heavily weakened by something external, can also split open as a result of internal water pressure.

Toilet Flush:

Toilet flushes will likely break over time as a result of repeated use. If you do not have another toilet in the house, you cannot live without one, which can inconvenience to other house occupants.

Shower leaks:

You will notice a wet patch on your ceiling followed by dripping and water then pouring below when a shower leaks through the ceiling. The best approach to resolve this problem is to turn off the water to prevent further leaks. Then, immediately contact an emergency plumber in Northampton to have the problem rectified.

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Northampton Area Information

Northampton is a large town with a population of 225,100 (data 2018) which resides in the East Midlands. It covers an area of 80.76 km² and has an elevation of 55 m. It’s postcode district comprises of NN1, NN2, NN3, NN4, NN5, NN6 and NN7. The phone area dialing code begins with 01604. Other neighbourhoods are Abington, Cliftonville, Billing, Hunsbury Meadows and others. Northampton Council manages the town.

Attractions to see include: Sywell Country Park, Sywell Aviation Museum (which hosts a collection of aircraft from vintage to modern), Salcey Forest (great for biking and hiking), Brackmills Country Park, Beckets Park, Northampton and Lamport Railway.

Learn facts about Northampton and history.

Is Northampton a good place to live?

The good thing about the town is that there is plentiful of countryside for that peaceful vibe

What is Northampton famous for?

It is famous for several reasons such as car engine manufacturing

Is Northampton a rich area?

You wouldn’t actually call it rich, but house prices have been going up and isn’t really affordable fir first time buyers

How far is Northampton from London?

It is just over 60 miles away

Nearby and places inside Northampton; Weston Favell, Abington, Kingsthorpe, Billing, Collingtree, Round Spinney, Upton, Cotton End, Wootton, Cultural Quarter, Dallington, St. James End, Duston, West Hunsbury, East Hunsbury, Far Cotton, Spinney Hill, Hardingstone, White Hills, Great Houghton

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