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Need an Emergency Plumber in Wellingborough? The nature of plumbing emergencies makes it important to find a local emergency plumber as soon as possible. Problems such as broken toilet flushes, leaking stop taps, and burst pipes flooding the home require urgent attention. You don’t want to wait around while your home gets damaged.

TPA Emergency Repairs is an emergency plumbing repair service agency created for the sole purpose of helping clients like yourself with plumbing repairs. Our contracted engineers and out of hours plumbers work tirelessly to fix plumbing problems. We have repaired plumbing and heating issues at homes, businesses, and properties across Wellingborough since we opened.

Contact us if you ever need an Emergency Plumber in Wellingborough, and we will send someone to your house. We also offer a next day pre-book service at a lower rate.

Plumber Call outs

We have a quick response rate of 1-2 hours. We understand the urgency of your plumbing issue, and we will do our best to get to you as soon as possible.

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Wellingborough Emergency Plumbers

Are you in need of an emergency plumber in Wellingborough area? Or maybe you need a gas engineer in Wellingborough because you boiler is raining water? Ring us today for a fast call out response. Our contracted gas boiler engineers and plumbers are well trained, have many years of experience, and are fully insured, meaning they can do a wide range of plumbing, boiler and central heating system repairs.

If you ever find yourself with a plumbing emergency, you should contact an urgent plumber who can fix your plumbing and heating problems in the shortest time frame possible. And that is something we do on a regular basis.

Whatever the the issue, our on call plumbers are here to save the day. We also offer affordable plumbing in Wellingborough for pre-booked jobs.

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Emergency Plumbing Services Wellingborough

Toilet Repairs

The toilet is one of the most hardworking fixtures in any building. It’s no surprise that this is where a majority of plumbing emergencies occur. Common toilet problems include broken flushes, broken cisterns, and toilet leaks. Whatever the problem is, it is essential that you get someone to repair it so your toilet can works correctly again. You don’t want little kids running around the home while there is no usable toilet.

Boiler repairs

The boiler is responsible for producing hot water and warming the home. In winter, we need the boiler to function correctly so we don’t feel the biting cold. When something goes wrong, you need to call someone who does emergency boiler repairs in Wellingborough right away. The longer the problem stays unresolved, the greater the chance of it causing more damage, for example a constant leak.

Radiator Repairs

The radiator can easily fall victim to a wide array of problems. It could be cold patches, constantly turning off on its own, leaks, and corrosion. If you notice any fault with your radiator, contact us so we can take a look. Our central heating engineers serving Wellingborough have spent years working on systems similar to yours. One quick look and we know whether to clean, tighten, fix leaks, or install a new radiator.

Shower Repairs

 When you notice a wet patch on your ceiling, the most likely culprit is probably the shower leaking through the floorboards. It’s something no one wants as the damage can weaken the floorboards and ceiling. Sometimes it’s the seal thats broken and water seeps through, or it could be a pipe leaking.

Pipe Repairs

Burst pipe emergencies have a way of sabotaging your plans for the day. Most emergency pipe repairs we handle get fixed within the hour, thanks to our experienced same day plumbers. Being able to fix plumbing problems on time allows our clients to get back to their everyday lives as if nothing happened.

Emergency Water Leaks

Water leaks can happen all of a sudden and originate from the most unlikely places. An emergency call out plumber will get out to you as quickly as possible, and carry out a plumbing leak investigation to identify the source. We deal with leaking stop taps, water leaks under the sink and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do leaks count as an emergency?

It all depends on how much water is leaking. Minor leaks can wait until a regular plumber arrives, but you will need faster attention for major leaks. Significant leaks can cause damage and become worse, so it’s best to call us for advice or for us to send someone over.

Is water seeping through the bathroom ceiling an emergency?

Yes, a leaking bathroom ceiling is definitely a reason to call an emergency plumber in Wellingborough. A burst pipe in the wall, a shower leaking through the ceiling, or a leak from underneath the bath can cause severe damage to your floorboards, possessions and home. Remember to switch your water off first and wait for an urgent plumber.

How much do emergency plumbers cost?

The cost of an emergency local plumber will depend on factors such as the time or special holiday, and your location. The rates tend to go higher at night and during the holidays. When you ring our engineer, he will quote you a fixed rate over the phone.

Is a broken boiler an emergency?

A broken boiler is an emergency in most cases because you might only get cold water and no heating. And if this happens during winter, then it’s best to call a emergency gas plumber to investigate the source of the problem. We also offer a gas boiler service in Wellingborough. And new combi boiler installations in Wellingborough if you want to upgrade your current system.

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Wellingborough Area Information

Wellingborough is a town based in Northamptonshire that was created during the Anglo-Saxon period. According to 2011 census data it has a population of 50,577. It hosts postcode districts of NN8 and NN9 and has a phone dialing code of 01933. Wellingborough council manages the town. It belongs to the East Midlands region.

Attractions: Irchester Country Park (covers 200 acres of woodland), Croyland Park (has football posts), Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Museum (has some great trains on display).

Read more about the historical aspect or check out the local statistics.

Is Wellingborough a nice area?

It has a high crime and is ranked as the most dangerous town in the County

Is Wellingborough poor?

It suffers from deprivation and is ranked in the top 20% in terms of deprived areas in England

What is Wellingborough famous for?

It’s famous for its wells

Nearby and places inside Wellingborough; Bozeat, Earls Barton, Grendon, Easton Maudit, Great Harrowden, Irchester, Ecton, Mears Ashby, Wollaston, Finedon, Great Doddington, Hardwick, Sywell, Isham, Little Harrowden, Orlingbury, Little Irchester, Strixton, Wilby

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